Sick Day

Today was my first sick day from work. I am not one to get sick often so it always catches me off guard…and of course seems to happen on the absuloyly worst days possible. Monday’s are always full days at work, but today I was even more swamped with time sensitive tasks and 4 meetings…not a good day to miss. I rode my bike to work and by the time I got there felt like throwing up/passing out/feverish…not good. I got changed and made it to my desk, but could barely focus on the computer screen. My boss took one look at me and said “just go home, we can take care of it.” I went home (my friend Molly gave me a ride) but I still felt awful for leaving on such a chaotic day. It was a good thing I left though, I slept for 6 more hours and I never take naps. My body must have really needed it. I am feeling much better now though, and hopefully will be able to be back at work again tomorrow.

It is HOT in Seattle…high 80s? Low 90s? This is not normal. It makes for good days on the beach but not fun to work or sleep in.


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