Weekend at Long Beach, WA

Inpromptu plans are sometimes the best. On Thursday I received a call from my aunt (Tia Kim) saying, “We are in Salem and want to see you!” I got on the phone with my mom, we found and booked a beach house for two nights in Long Beach, WA, and the next day were on the road to a weekend away. My aunt had her three girls with her, my cousins Carly, Corrinne and Genevieve, and we had the best weekend. We played in the sand, chased seagulls and pelicans, jumped in the waves, and generally had a grand time running around on the wide, sandy beach. The wind was good so I even got some practice flying my trainer kite…and am making improvements! Yay! It feels good to improve, especially since I am going to try to have my first in-water lesson this upcoming weekend. We hiked around the lighthouse, wandered through the street fair, and played lots of hand and foot (our favorite family card game). The place we stayed was a 5 minute walk from the water and was the perfect size to accommodate the 8 of us (me, my parents, my grandma, Tia Kim and the girls). Great great weekend. Yes, I am worn out. Was it worth it? Of course!


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