Flies Flying in Squares

Have you ever had those flies in your house? The ones that congregate in groups of three or four in the center of a room, always about 4 feet off the floor, and just fly around in squares? You could almost form a perfect cube in the center of your room’s airspace just by tracking their flightpaths. We used to get these flies in my parent’s house living room, and they have managed to follow me to Alki. The past week I have been kept company in the evenings by three of these little guys, flying in their boxlike patterns in the center of the living room.

Probably my “fault” for letting them in. I have been living with all the doors and windows wide open for every second I am at home. It has been hot in Seattle this week (hovering in the high 80s low 90s…heatwave for us!) and it has been wonderful enjoying the evening ocean breeze coming off the beach. Totally worth sharing my apartment with flies for.


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