Kites, Cannons, & Ribs

My weekend in a nutshell. It was (again) a jam packed weekend. Friday night Andrew and I went to the Celtic Swell bar down the street for drinks and to listen to the live music that is there. The guitarist was awesome and we had a blast. We are thinking that this would be a great Friday night tradition to start.

Saturday morning I woke up and drove out to Urban Surf near Gasworks Park for my first kite boarding lessons. Really a intro to kite flying lesson. We learned how to put together our trainer kites and get them in the air. The wind was not great, so we mostly had to just talk about theory rather than fly. It is going to take some serious practice! By the end of the lesson the wind had changed directions and really picked up, but it was too hard to launch my kite without a partner so I just went home rather than staying for practice. I will need to get out this week though and find some wind. As I got closer and closer to Alki on my drive home, the traffic became atrocious, parking was a nightmare, and there were people EVERYWHERE! What was going on? Pirates were landing on Alki. There were ships of all shapes and sizes…a military transport, sailboats, kayaks, and even the Lady Washington (who played the Interceptor in Pirates of the Carribean films). There were cannon fights in the water and the sounds of their fire echoed around the harbor. It was pretty cool. At some point the military transporter moved closer to shore and the pirates jumped off and stormed the beach…swords drawn, totally decked out in pirates attire. That water looked a bit chilly though! I hung watching people and pirates mingle then headed back to the apartment. Our neighbors downstairs were having a party so I went and hung out with them. It turned from a lazy afternoon in the sun to a pretty crazy, rather intoxicated event, but I was too worn out from the week to really get into it. I was part of the table playing cribbagerather then the table playing drinking games. It was a lot of fun though, great food (Ryan made 16 pounds of ribs and they all got eaten!), and I met some really awesome new people. We went for a long walk on the beach at sunset. It was probably one of the best sunsets I have seen on Alki…the sky glowed pink for ever. A thunderstorm rolled in too, so we got to watch lightning in the distance over the Olympics for a few hours. This is a treat in WA because we don’t see too much lightning.

This morning I made pancakes for some of the guys who slept on our couch, we played some more cribbage and then I drove them home so that they would not have to deal with the awkward sunday bus schdule. Now it is time to get back to work studying for LEED and preparing to meet with my first big job client on monday morning. Yay fun weekends!


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