Run-in w/ a Curb and Bush

It was bound to happen eventually: today I had my first biking hiccup. I took a corner a bit too fast and crashed through a bush and luckily could hit my brakes fast enough to not fly over the handlebars when my front tire hit the curb on the other side. I was not hurt at all, but I am really glad that it was not worse. On a positive bike commute note, the city repaired a lot of the street that surrounds the railroad tracks that I have to cross, and it make my ride WAY better and much safer…thank you city of Seattle!

This weekend is the start of my new sport adventure with kite boarding. My first lesson is tomorrow and I cannot wait! I am also starting to look into getting back in the water diving around here. I met some divers this week and it got me inspired to brush up on my drysuit skills and find a trip to dive up off Vancouver Island. Another thing to add to the summer list!

Tomorrow should have some interesting things to report: there is a pirate cannon battle in the water off the beach here on Alki…not exactly sure what that will be like!


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