Club Soda w/ Lime

…is my new favorite thing to drink. It is cold, bubbly, amazingness.

I have been up to a lot of fun stuff this week. My work life is fantastic, I got my first real big project, a new desk, training in all sorts of stuff, and made it to the office dodgeball semi-finals. I am also trying to coordinate a beer tasting at work from a new local brewery that is opening. I called the brewmaster today to pitch the idea and he thought it would be great, so fingers crossed that HR also likes the idea! I’ll put in a word for them here to: Two Beers Brewing Co…grand opening July 25th! Check them out!  After work life is pretty good too. I went to my first Mariners game on Tuesday (lots of fun but we lost), out to dinner with some people from work last night to the TapHouse in Seattle (160 beers on tap, great place) and tomorrow is Friday already! This weekend I have my first kite boarding lesson and there is a pirate landing right in front of my apartment. Summer weekends in Seattle are the best.

I have started studying for my LEED certification exam. Yuck. Just when I thought I was done with school and tests and whatnot I am back at it. Guess education is the best way to grow. I am not looking forward to this test, but I figured I would just get it done with as soon as I could.


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