Sunshine in Seattle

Seattle in the sunshine is amazing. Each part of the day has a unique type of sunshine too. The early mornings are sleepy and pale, when the sun just starts to come over from across the Cascades. The harbor is quiet, but you can tell that the city is gearing up for a big day full of activity. As the morning goes on (and I am on my bike to work) the shadows across are still long on the north end of West Seattle making it slightly chilly to ride. However, just by rounding the corner of Alki Point, the sun is in full force, warming the ground and casting a beautiful glow over downtown. It is a pretty awesome view. During the work day the city is bathed in sunshine, warm and so enticing to leave the office. It is great getting off at 4:30…it leaves me a good portion of the day to be outside and enjoying this non-rainy time of year. I ride home along a pathway that now makes me hot and sweaty and allows me to re-center myself after a long day at work. As soon as I get home I immediately hit the beach in my swimsuit to take advantage of the last few hours of sun. People are on the beach playing intense games of volleyball until almost dark, taking advantage of the early evening light. This is probably my favorite time of day. From Alki Beach, the sun sets just behind the Olympic Mountains to the west, across the water. The sinking orb casts sparkles on the water and paints everything with a golden tangerine tint. The wind usually picks up in the evening too which clears the beach of most people. By the time the sun has set, Alki is again peaceful, quieting down, and simply a breathtaking spot in my favorite part of the world.


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