Flowers in Pike Place Market

What a wonderful weekend! On Saturday morning I woke up to Alki Beach in the sunshine before it was full of people and noise. It is so peaceful in the mornings. Around 11 o’clock Andrew, Miranda and I went to breakfast at the Luna Park Cafe, another good breakfast place near Alki. We sat in the sun and ate huge plates of crazy omelets and cups of black coffee. Andrew dropped us off at the water taxi dock and Miranda and I took it across the harbor to downtown Seattle for a few hours of shopping. Around 3 she had to leave for work so I finished my shopping solo. After spending far more money than I had anticipated, I headed to Pike Place Market to look at the flowers. That is my favorite part of the market by far. There is every type of flower you could ever want, beautifully arranged in colorful fragrant bouquets. It is impressive. I have always been tempted to buy a bouquet but have yet to do so.  I killed some time by laying in the sun in the park next to the market on the harbor. I could see West Seattle on the other side of the water, where Miranda and I had started our day trip.

I met college friends for dinner at a great pizza place (we made our own: pesto, ricotta, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes…really good combo) and then I caught the 8:30 water taxi home. It is a two mile walk back to the apartment from there, but it was just after sunset and a beautiful walk. My feet were killing me by the time I got home though, it was alot of walking all day.

Today was not beautiful in the morning, but by this afternoon it was spectacular. Andrew and I played with the power drill to hang more mirrors in our hallway…ended up drilling more holes than we needed and decided to hide them under strategically placed mirrors. The hall is looking pretty awesome. I spent the afternoon watching a beach volleyball tournament. There are about 12 courts set up, and some awesome players out here. I saw a guy kite boarding too…I am so excited to start! I signed up for lessons and am psyched to get out and start practicing with the kite. Weekends are wonderful here.


One thought on “Flowers in Pike Place Market

  1. Looks like golf clubs may not be the best option. Maybe a kayak? Don’t know that I’m too excited about buying you a kite board thing. Love, Grammy

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