New Endevour – Kite Boarding

I am taking up a new sport: kite boarding. I have been dying to try windsurfing but this looks really cool (and really hard!). I was talking to some people at work and they pointed me to a good shop to check out and get lessons at, so I am going to do that and start looking for a trainer kite. With Alki Beach out my front door I should have a great place to practice whenever there is wind. I am excited to have a new challenge!

Biking to work is wonderful. I really prefer it to driving. I am way more focused, it only takes me about 15 extra minutes to ride, and I just feel good all day. I think I am getting addicted. We will see what happens when it starts raining. Oh, and I need to make it a priority to get a flashing bike light and a neon jacket.


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