Walking with a Cooler on My Head

Yep, you read that correctly. Today was a bike to work day (and it was even sunny on my way into the office!). I had a busy and very productive day, then rode home, and decided to walk to the grocery store. It is about a 15 minute walk uphill most of the way, but I have made a plan to try to not drive my car more than once a day (preferably not at all). Don’t get me wrong, I adore my car and absolutely love driving it, but I think that driving it should be a privilage and not something to just be in the habit of doing. Plus, walking and biking are way cheaper, non-polluting and burns calories! Triple bonus! Ok, so what does this have to do with a cooler? Well, I walked to the grocery store and they had coolers on sale. I have been looking for a cooler to go in the back of my car and they had one that was the right size, so I bought it. But I had walked. I put my groceries in my backpack, put the cooler on my head and headed back home to the beach. I probably got some funny looks, but hey, it worked.

At work I am doing a few technical projects, but also a pet project to work on an internal improvement for my company. I decided to champion a bike-to-work program. We have great participation with bike-to-work month in May, but then it drops off to the already avid riders during the rest of the year. I decided that this needed to change. As a company with 400+ employees at our Seattle office, we have the potential to significantly reduce our commute footprint. Luckily we already have great facilities (showers, locker rooms, bike storage etc), but with free parking and no incentives, driving is too viable an option to encourage new people to start biking to work. I am working with a few different people to try to get this program off the ground. Our HR department and the IT people are great at giving me support to get the wheels in motion, but I am also working with the Cascade Bicycle Club to create an effective program. I had a really good conversation with them today and got a whole list of ideas. I am really excited to get this program implemented and get my coworkers on their bikes!


2 thoughts on “Walking with a Cooler on My Head

  1. Gaga’s comment, “I believe she is as squirrely as her Dad.” I agreed, but said they both come by it naturally. So glad we have the pictures of your apartment and beach. Fun picturing your escapades. Cooler on your head Africa style or upside down?

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