Parousing Craigslist

So after moving all my furniture in and assessing my space constraints (space is a premium in my room particularly), I set out on Craigslist to find a neat piece of furniture. I was really hoping for something old, solid wood with curved drawers. Probably a dresser but was not too picky. I had been looking for a while since I have this refinishing idea, but not too seriously because I did not know where I would be able to put it in Seattle. Well, it was my lucky day. I found an old fold top desk with 4 drawers, all curved! It is a beautiful piece and the woman was in a hurry to get rid of it so it was only $50…great steal! I drove to Auburn to pick it up last night (driving my car for the first time in real heavy Seattle rain) and was so glad when it barely fit in! That mini has more space than it looks! I got it home in one piece, hauled it up the stairs and am now making space in my room. I love it and cannot wait to refinish it. My idea involved lining the drawers with all the cool NY Time clippings that I collected all through college, advertisings and articles and such. I want to modpodge the drawers with all the clippings. Project time!


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