Do As the Locals Do

I am slowly learning where the locals go in West Seattle. Best hangout spot: Alki Beach right in front of my apartment! Parking is a madhouse on the weekends and the beach is packed with volleyball players, families, people biking/walking/rollerblading on the boardwalk…just enjoying the beach and the view. This morning’s mission was to find a good local breakfast place on Alki. My friend Lana met me and we headed to Salty’s (turns out they only do brunch on Sunday’s…$39.99 for a full seafood breakfast buffet that smelled really good, but we wanted to just order something). We went the other way on Alki to the Alki Cafe, which was an awesome choice! I had the vegetarian sausage scramble that was amazing and Lana had really good chalah french toast. I think that this place will be a repeat destination. What is better than great breakfast overlooking the ocean? Not much.

I headed out to explore the West Seattle farmers market that is just up the hill from where I live. I love being close to a farmers market. I bought fresh pumpkin ravioli, new sugar snap peas and asparagus. It feels good to buy some really local fresh food and support people in the community. I then explored south to Burien (not that close but it is the closest Trader Joes) and bought groceries and plants for the balcony! I was dying to get some green and flowers out there. They look great!

Late afternoon was not too pretty out, just generally overcast and sleepy feeling. I decided it was a great time to try out my bike route to work. Especially after the frustrating bus experience I have been really looking forward to biking to work. It turns out that my route is probably the safest and most enjoyable bike route I could ever ask for! It is a wide bike/pedestrian trail for all but the last 1/2 mile. It took me exactly 30 minutes to get to work from my doorstep, so I should be able to get that down to about 20 to 25 once I am back in good biking shape. My plan is to bike commute Tuesday and Thursday this week, then do a ride on Saturday, and then Monday, Wednesday and Fri the following week to build up my endurance. I am cannot wait to see how it goes!


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