Fed Up with the Bus System

Anyone who knows me knows that one of the things I was most excited about in Seattle was finally having a public transportation system. A bus stop right in front of the apartment, cool new scanning pass cards, mass transportation! Woohoo! Well, whoohoo it is not. I am fed up after just two days and am going to start driving till I get my bike here. The buses in Seattle really just are not worth the trouble. It took me an hour and a half to journey the 5.2 miles from my office home. That is ridiculous. And really not fun after being at work all day and worn out. Sorry Seattle buses, but you are just not worth it.

Work is going well. I love the team that I am working with and the building is really cool. I sat on the roof patio overlooking the Seattle harbor for lunch, then we had a staff meeting up there again at 3! I got assigned work that will last me through July, mostly things to work on making our company better in the sustainability department.

This morning Andrew gave me a ride to work. We are having a ball living together. Our morning routines do not overlap much except for making coffee. I am up way before him, do an hour of yoga (my new routine, I really like it!), and then head off to work around 8 when he is just getting moving. And the beach is beautiful. I go running there in the evenings and seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be living here. Even if the buses did not pan out.


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