Working Woman

Today was my first day working at a real job. It was rather an adventuresome morning to start things off with. After sleeping on my blow up camping mat my jet lagged body woke up at 5:30. I laid in bed till 6 then decided to get up and do some yoga in the living room. Alki is beautiful in the morning. It is quiet, there are people running along the beach, it is just very peaceful. I did yoga for a half hour (wish I would have gotten up at 5:30 so I could have done a whole hour), took a shower, ate breakfast on the balcony, and made my way to the bus stop. Like I said, this whole bus thing was making me a little nervous, but I successfully boarded the 37 Express with my nifty Orca card (prepaid scan-able bus pass) and headed to work. Well, it did not go all that smoothly. I missed my stop to transfer, and ended up about 2 miles from where I needed to be, but the bus driver was very patient and helped me find another bus line to get on. I still made it to work by 9! Phew!

Orientation was fine, rather dull with tons of paperwork, but by 11 I was in my work pod. There are 6 of us in what is essentially a big cubicle. My whole team is women (!) and everyone is pretty cool. I did not have a computer set up when I got there, but had one after lunch. My boss and I had matching outfits today so that was pretty funny to walk about with her looking like twins. Everyone is really friendly and loves working there. I feel like I am in a great place. I scoped out the gym and locker rooms during my lunch break and then headed back to my office for the rest of the afternoon. Jen ended up giving me a ride home because she lives in West Seattle too and it was better than me riding the bus…alot faster too! I cannot wait to have my bike and can ride to work. The bus just takes to long, is too complicated and indirect, and driving is too expensive and polluting.

I made a salad with grilled chicken for dinner (on the grill Andrew got that is out on the balcony) and ate looking over the beach that is filled with people playing volleyball. I am about to head out for a run before it gets dark. I think I am really going to thrive here.


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