Living Room Floor with and Ocean View

I am on my stomach in the middle of my living room typing from the Alki apartment! I moved in this morning and am already in love with this place. Before I begin my exciting tale of my life in Seattle I will back up to yesterday. Jet lag set me up for an unplanned wake-up time of 4:30 am…not what I had in mind at all! However I decided to take advantage of being awake and began sorting stuff, packing and loading my car. I ran errands to Bellingham (like buying new dishes for the apt!), went to meet the Wright’s new baby (she is adorable and so tiny!) and finally making it to my friend Andrea’s graduation party. I was planning to drive to Seattle around 5, but decided I was too tired to make the drive so stayed at Andrea’s later than planned. The food was amazing (vegetarian BBQ by her brother, the chef out at Semiamoo resort). All of us were so full that we felt like throwing up. We also had really good lemondade mojitos made with fresh licorice mint from the garden, slightly different and really good. I got a start of the licorice mint plant.

I was really glad that I decided not to drive, it would have been a bad decision, and gave me more energy to do stuff today. I got up early and drove to Seattle to meet Andrew and his girlfriend Miranda for breakfast at our apartment. Miranda made eggs benedict and we all sat around talking till Andrew drove her to work.

I am so excited to have my stuff moved in an organized. My room currently looks as though a bomb went off in it. Stuff is strewn everywhere, and I have no furniture. Actually that is kind of the story of the whole apartment. No couch, no table, two random chairs and a recliner is basically it. The view is amazing from the floor though :).

I moved stuff into the kitchen and cleaned, then Andrew and I went on our first adventure: a trip to Ikea! Always a great idea when you are moving into a new place. We bought some stuff for the house and had alot of fun figuring out each others tastes in decor…we are pretty simmilar actually. That will probably be a good thing. We decided to fill our obscenly long and boring hallway with mirrors…and Ikea is a great place to get those. Then we went to Fred Meyer to buy some hooks and random stuff, and Andrew took me through different parts of Seattle so that I can start learning where all the districts are. This is my first real expereince being in Seattle and it is so cool! I am going to love it here.

I hung mirrors until getting too frustrated to continue and went out to buy some groceries. Although there is a Safeway just up the road I decided to take advantage of having nothing better to do and just drive around the area and figure out what is around. I found all sort of neat places and got the lay of the land road-wise. It is nice to have some bearings. I stocked up on food staples, but was so braindead while shopping that I forgot a bunch of stuff on my list. Oh well, that is what happens when you shop at 8 on an empty stomach and tired brain. I ate leftovers from Andrea’s party on the living room floor watching the sun set over the water. This place is amazing.

I start work tomorrow. I am a little anxious about taking the bus, I need to be sure I know what route I am on etc. Better go do that.


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