Airplane Food and Cleaning House – Ferndale, WA, USA

After a not-fantastic night of sleep, the Casserlys took me to the airport at 5am. It is was so nice to have ride and not have to spend the night camped out the floor of Heathrow airport, where I am sure I would have gotten even significantly less sleep than I did! I flew via Amsterdam, sitting next to a really annoying woman who was obsessive about trying to have a conversation with me, even when I was watching a movie with headphones! I just wanted to be left alone! Oh, side note, two really really good films that I saw on this flight: Milk and Gran Turino, both I would highly recommend.

I finally made it back to Ferndale around 4:30 and Grandma made me dinner at her house, then took me home to shower and get things organized. I will be moving by myself tomorrow so organization is KEY! Well, much to my chagrin, my father had left the house in utter disarray and so I spent the first three hours at home cleaning the kitchen, sorting mail, paying bills, vacuuming, doing laundry, dishes, and trying to get the house in a more presentable state for my mom when she comes home. I know that both of us hate coming home to a messy house, so I wanted to make this a bit more enjoyable after being abroad for a month.

I started planning my attack on packing, and made some phone calls to people I have missed. I talked to Andrew (my roommate in Seattle) and we are so excited to actually move in together tomorrow! Summer on Alki! Woohoo! I talked to my brother on the phone and that is always good. Sounds like he will probably not make it home this summer for a visit, but loved the idea of traveling together in Europe at some point. Ug. I need to go to bed. My body is VERY time confused right now. Next time you hear from me I will be a Seattle girl!


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