Ginger Appletinis – London, England

I love being in London. It feels like a second home, full of so many people I know and love. I have been spending most of my time here catching up with old friends and unwinding from Italy. Whenever I am in London I try to see as many of my Seychelles friends as possible. Luckily even with busy work schedules we have been able to get together. Monday night Ed, Chloe, Sam and I met up for dinner and had a great catch up session. Then yesterday I met Alex for lunch at a really good Indian place and then we walked through Regent Park and the rose garden on a beautiful afternoon. Then I scurried back to Notting Hill to shower and change before meeting Ed for drinks and dinner. We went to this awesome place in Leicester Square called Browns and ordered a bunch of different cocktails to try. My favorite was the ginger appletini…SO good! We ended up eating dinner there too. I felt rather like Cinderella climbing the stairs to my room as the grandfather clock struck 12 when I got home.

Today is overcast and so I decided to wander the National Gallery. It is always a fun thing to do, just wander around and look at really cool art. Sam’s grandfather had a free ticket to the Picasso special gallery and so I got to check that 0ut too. I had lunch in London and then took the slow bus back to Notting Hill. I stopped off at a really cool store that specializes in trench coats, but after looking at the price tags decided that it was a little out of my reach (569£ for the coat I liked!). Someday when I have made my millions I may be back to get one. 🙂

Tomorrow I head to Old Windsor to see the Casserlys once again before heading home to Seattle. It has been so nice to be back in London. I will miss it.


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