Speedos in the Park – Milan, Italy

I successfully made it from Verona to Milan. I took the bus and was going to hang out in Piazza Bra and kill time and catch a cheap train, but the sunday buses were challenging to figure out so I just went straight to the train station. Ride was uneventful. I saw Farah in the train station and it was fun to bump into her again.

When I got to Milan (much cooler this time around!) I checked into my hostel near the train station, ate leftover pasta that I had brought with me, and then took the subway to the large park next to the castle. I walked around and found a good spot to sit down and relax in the sun. Ahhhh. This must be the place to be on a sunday afternoon, because the park was packed! Little kids running around, groups of old ladies laughing and couple making out under every tree. I sat and sunbathed and wrote in my journal. For my viewing pleasure to my right was a really handsome, tan young Italian man listening to his iPOD and to my left a really unattractive older Italian man, hairy, and in a speedo sprawled out for the world. Welcome to Italy.

It is my last night in Italy so I am going to spend my last few euros on some pasta, and hopefully will find someone back at the hostel to go with me. There is a canadian girl staying in the same room, but all I have seen is her pack sitting there so far. I am going to head back there and take a shower before finding some dinner.

I just made reservations for my train into London tomorrow. I am looking forward to being back there for a few days before flying home.


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