Notting Hill, London, England – Day 2

My mom and I just completed day two (after traveling) of our trip, and we are currently on Notting Hill in London staying with my friend Sam’s grandparents. We spent the weekend in Pakenham staying with his parents and touring old houses and little villages. Amazingly we have hit the weather just right, and even been able to enjoy some sunshine! Today we rose bright and early to pouring down rain, took the train to London and bought travel cards for unlimited access to the Tube and buses. I got to play tour guide and give mom a whirlwind tour of London. Luckily I know my way around relatively well, and we got to hit the highlights on our one day here. We went to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Parliament building, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden, saw the Lion King (I had seen it but mom had not and we could not pass it up), and finally checked Piccadilly Circus off the list and headed back to Liverpool Street Station to collect our luggage and have dinner. It was so much fun showing mom all these places and people that I know, and we really crammed alot it! Hopefully there are some good pictures to prove it! With mom around it is a pretty safe bet there will be.

Tomorrow we are off to our friends Jackie, Mark and Coral’s home near Windsor. We are planning to tour the castle and get reorganized for Italy. We will be leaving England around noon on Tuesday to start our Italian adventure in Milan!

It has been so fun visiting people here and coming back to places I know to show mom. Now I just need this jet lag (or lack of sleep from school???) to wear off!


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